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Respiratory Care Associates, Ltd. is your local resource for courteous, friendly, safe and secure, CMS compliant internet-based oximetry results. We offer patients, physicians, and referral sources throughout Ohio, an easy and reliable method of providing oximetry results for nocturnal oxygen qualifications. We also offer qualified follow-up oximetry results for CPAP and RAD patients to physicians and Durable Medical Equipment companies.

Using PROFOX software, Durable Medical Equipment (DME) companies can securely transmit data of patient self-administered overnight oximetry tests via the internet to Respiratory Care Associates, Ltd. In addition, we also offer comprehensive (rest and exercise) patient self-administered oximetry testing. The reports are the same quality PROFOX reports that your physicians are already familiar with.

We provide the entire study to both the physician and the DME, not just a one-page summary that some testing facilities provide. We allow the viewing of your tests submitted, on-line, at your convenience. We can also email the results directly to you.

Here is how it works:
1. A physician orders an overnight oximetry test.
2. The DME delivers the equipment and the forms provided, to the patient.
3. The patient self-administers the oximetry testing with our instructions.
4. The next day the DME then returns to pick up the equipment and faxes the paperwork to us.
5. Utilizing the PROFOX software, the DME then transmits the patient test results to www.rcaltd.com.
6. Our professional staff then screens the test and assures that all patient and physician information is correct.
7. Once we receive the faxed paperwork from the DME at our office, we can then release the test results to the ordering physician and the DME.
According to CMS Publication120, Transmittal 173, the test must be performed under the direction/instruction of a Medicare-approved Independent Diagnostic Testing Facility (IDTF). Respiratory Care Associates, Ltd. Provides the paperwork, which includes an order form with patient demographics, an activity log with specific patient instructions based on the type of test ordered.

When you register on www.rcaltd.com, and after account verification from us, you will receive access to these forms on the website. When using our web-based service, there are no contracts to sign or sign-up fees.

Respiratory Care Associates, Ltd. is an approved provider for Medicare, Ohio Medicaid, and many other private insurances. We will bill Medicare, Medicaid, private insurance companies, and secondary coverage for our services.

If you have any questions concerning your bill or the services related billing, please contact our billing office at 330-833-5530 or 1-800-498-7811.
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